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How did I get started...

As a teenager, the first big thing I bought with my own money was a Pentax MX camera body. My dad had always had a darkroom and owned a Pentax with a couple of lenses. Even though he did not like me borrowing his camera we made a deal that if I bought my own camera body I could use his lenses until I saved up to buy them on my own. And I have photographed ever since!

Initially, I was mostly interested in documenting change, both changes in our lives since we moved a lot but also the changes I noticed in nature. I have never had a very good memory and treated my camera as my external capturing devise for interesting phenomena - our cats odd behaviour, a calf embryo someone gave me, bleached bones I would find along the seashore. Eventually my interest in the natural world led me to a bachelor's degree in biology, and finally a career as a collection manager at the prestigious Natural Museum for Natural History in Leiden, the Netherlands.

And everywhere I went I brought my trusty old Pentax, which by that time did not need any batteries anymore since the lightmeter had broken. OVer the years I bought several lenses and brought everything with us when my newly wedded husband and I immigrated to Florida. And oh my, talk about change! The light! The nature! Everything was different! And oceans of time to photograph since I did not have a working permit. I photographed everything strange, everything different and everything unusual - both natural and cultural - and when I started sharing my images people were intrigued and I was encouraged to enter a selection for a solo exhibit at the University of Florida. Which pretty much was the start of my photography career!

From Florida we moved to New York State and briefly Pennsylvania, but we've settled more permanently in the gorgeous Fingerlakes area. I love living here. All I have to do is step out the back door in the morning and there will be something there for me to photograph. Like the shadows our trees sweep over the fresh snow, the funny frantics our chickens make when they are let outside to play, the incredible wildlife our land sustains - I would never have thought our lives to be like this when we lived in the Netherlands, in a row house, two flights up...

I hope you will enjoy my photography as I have enjoyed my stay in your country! I am grateful to be here and grateful for my husband in his unrelenting support of our growing business - he is not just figuratively our backbone; he's the bookkeeper, gopher, driver and even carries photogear! Though the latter is most likely because he enjoys a good photoshoot just like any other, as he is an avid traditional black and white photographer himself!

Thank you for your interest and continued support and maybe we'll meet one day at one of our many outdoor art festivals, open studio during the Art Trail or even through a meeting or outing with the Cayuga Nature Photographers!

Susan Verberg

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