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My artists' statement...

To me photography is the most realistic medium in the art world: the image is caught in an instant, permanently fixed in time. An instant, a moment, gone if overlooked; often passes without being noticed. Staying focused and keeping an eye open for opportunities allows me to capture those moments and share them with others. It is a personal and mystical experience for me.

Through the art of photography I use patterns, contrasts and a personal perception to capture the images in what I see around me. Moving from the Netherlands to the United States opened up a whole new environment, a culture subtly different from what I was used to. It turned my world upside down; everything ordinary for my neighbors is new and exiting for me. It made me aware of ordinary things and places.

It fascinates me to create a photograph from ordinary building blocks - it changes the ordinary into the extra ordinary, it transitions from the dull to the intriguing, invites the viewer to enter the image and to imagine their own interpretation.

I hope that, in a small way, my photographs will guide others to realize the magic of our natural and man-made environment, replacing arrogance and carelessness with respect and recognition, and above all help them to share with others the incredible world that exists around us.

Susan Verberg

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